Personal Narrative: The Georgia Aquarium

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As a young female, one of my favorite things to do is travel. Although I have visited many places throughout the southern region of the United States, none are as exciting as Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, there are many places where you can go and hang out with your family and friends and there are also a lot of sights that can be seen. One of the most visited attractions in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium, to me, is one of the top five places to visit because it offers visitors the chance to view beautiful and exotic species that they have never seen before in their life. It also gives adults a chance to enjoy themselves and become kids again. Therefore, the Georgia Aquarium will always be the number one attraction in Atlanta, Georgia. The Aquarium is unlike any other aquarium. When walking inside the atrium, it feels as though you were standing inside a new mall just looking around because you do not know where to start. The crowds are huge, yet there is room to walk and even trip over your own feet. When you first walk into the aquarium, there are different themes on all sides of the main atrium. Beginning on the left is the Georgia Explorer: Discover Our Coast…show more content…
The Ocean Voyager is known for having the largest tank within the Georgia Aquarium. The tank, itself, houses the whale sharks, which is the largest species of fish in the aquarium. There are small viewing portals as you enter the exhibit. However, the highlight of the aquarium is the tunnel through the whale shark tank. Whether you are walking through the tunnel or stand in front of a huge acrylic viewing window, you will feel as if you are a scuba diver in an endless blue sea, because you are mesmerized by thousands of fish swimming overhead. From the tunnel, you will follow a path around to a theater style portal where you can seat and enjoy the view or you can exit the

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