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“We in the house! House! House!” was shouted as the lights begun to dim in this small, but extremely cozy club in Richmond, Virginia. Those words being uttered by the local phenomenon known as Miss Jade. Miss Jade, along with her four member band, the Jadetts were about to, as she put it “embark on a three hour journey to the land of feel good.” The performance, part of an annual Easter celebration hosted by aunt’s church featured the five girls experimenting with not only traditional Jazz, but also a modern Hip Hop/Punk infused approach to Jazz. Certain songs featured just the saxophone and the drum set, which the obvious influence seemed to be the Roots, while a central component to other songs was the drums accentuated by the guitar, which…show more content…
She basically watched Jade grow up. Upon hearing of my report she quickly granted me an interview with Jade. Within minutes I was in the company of the charismatic Miss Jade. This extremely witty character was quick to take notice of my baby-faced features. “How old are you, like 12! How did you get in here?” The club caters exclusively to the 21 and older crowd. “My uncle would always have me around the club. I would just watch and admire those on the stage jamming to the music.” She said her childhood was not that of normal child. In lieu of weekend slumber parties, she would be singing in her uncle’s night club for as she put it, “old perves who reeked of cigar smoke and cheap cologne.” She started off singing for a couple of the bands without vocalist, then tried her hand a playing the saxophone. She candidly explained her first experience with the instruments. She stated that it was reminiscent to virgin having her first sexual experience. She said she was sure this was what she wanted to do, but her inexperience rendered it unsatisfying. “I sucked! But that did not last long.” With conquering the sax, her mother and uncle realized she had developed a passion for the music and introduced her to the piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. She was soon on stage playing with the bands, not just singing. In high school she and a group of friends created a band and started playing between the sessions of the usual bands at

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