Romeo Goes To Bushwick High School

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Present day Brooklyn, in Bushwick lives a beautiful girl named Juliet Morales, 17 years of age 100% Dominican and she reps. it to the fullest. She goes to Bushwick high school. Daughter of Big Black the biggest drug dealer in Bushwick, and also leader of the Blood. Juliet is known as Julie by her friends at school. But when she hits the streets she’s known as Lil Black. Everyone knows not to mess with her. That is the one girl you don’t want to start with, because once you do that you are marked for death. Romeo Pena, 17 years of age, half Black, Italian, and Puerto Rican. Goes to Bushwick high school. Second in charge and gang member of the Crips. Son of Flow leader of the Crips and the second biggest drug in Bushwick. Romeo goes by the…show more content…
Meo was with all his home boys rolling deep and looking fresh like always in all black. Julie was with all her girl looking sexy in their matching red and black costumes from to head to the new Jordan’s on their feet. Meo was leaning on the wall when he saw her. Julie was sitting in a chair looking out the window. When Meo walked up to her and asked her to dance. Julie hesitated but he was so cute that she said ok. They danced the whole time till it was time to go. The party finished at two in the morning. Meo asked Julie her name she said her name was Juliet but he could call her Julie and he just said his name was Romeo, and then they switched numbers. Meo said he’d call her that night. That same night he calls, they spoke for three hours and fell in love with each other. They were amazed at how much they had in common. So they decided to sneak out and hang out the rest of the night. The next day all Meo’s boy’s told him what set Julie belongs to and who was her father. The same happen to Julie they told her about Meo and how his father was Flow. Once again they could not believe it. Especially Julie she was mad at the fact that she had found the one, and it turned out he was her father’s worst enemy’s…show more content…
It said to meet him in the basement hall way so they could talk. When Julie got there something had happen. Turns out Julie’s older brother T had found out what was going on between Julie and Meo. When he saw Meo standing in the basement waiting for Julie he just couldn’t help himself, and went after Meo. Meo turn around when he saw T coming after him he pulled out his nine millimeter him by mistake shot him. When Julie finally got there her friend Rose had told her what had happened, and that her brother was shot by Meo. At the same time Meo text her telling here what had happen and how they saw him and how he is on the run. This was to mush for Julie to handle, her brothers died the guy she loves is on the run and because of Meo and T there’s a lot of tension in between the two gangs. Julie decided that she was going to leave with Meo and start a new life in

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