Elements That Influence State Government

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So there is basically three levels of government in United States, which is composed of the local, the state and the federal. With the local governments, at their level, they handle the activities which are specifically limited to their communities such as police building codes, and local courts to name a few. American citizens in their daily life, interact more with the local and state governments than the federal government. The Police departments, fire departments and libraries, to name a few, are all under the oversight of state and the local governments. The local governments generally have two tiers the counties and the municipalities. However, in situations like natural disasters or other big calamities the three levels of government work together to provide relief to the citizens. In case of any such event or issue, the intergovernmental cooperation becomes most important. Frequently, it is highlighted that there are significant coordination and communication problems between the different levels of the government. An example of a current event or issue where the multiple levels of government interact on a solution would be The Patient Protection and Affordable Act Care which hereinafter will be referred to as ObamaCare. The government worked against each other on this issue in many ways. One way is that the house of republicans shut down the Government by refusing to pass the budget unless it contained measures to defund and repeal aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Also opponents of the law say that ObamaCare is an unpopular program that hurts Americans. The same was said about Medicare when it was implemented. A possible solution to ObamaCare that would be beneficial to all levels of government working together according to Michael E. Porter and Thomas H. Lee (2014), would be to define the proper goal. Efforts to reform health
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