Benefits Of Universal Healthcare

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Universal Healthcare Katrina Karty Eng. 122 English composition II Sandra Weisel January 21, 2013 There are a lot of reasons why Universal healthcare would benefit is because every person would qualify for insurance. No matter whether you could afford it or not, you would have it. I believe we should have universal healthcare because people need it. I also think it should be made affordable so people can get it. It is not fair to the ones that cannot afford it. In certain countries it works in different ways. Later on in my paper I will talk about the different benefits of healthcare coverage of the United States. I will also talk about how Universal coverage is working in other nations. I will also find out what other…show more content…
A lot of people have different points of views about Universal Healthcare. President Obama was not the first president or person to get a health care plan enforced. The first candidate was Theodore Roosevelt which came up a health insurance plan in 1912. A lot of people complained about what he had suggested then. The committee proposed organizing medical care delivery around group practices and financing through voluntary, private insurance. This proposal was the first to be branded as "socialized medicine," a label that would be applied many times to future reform ideas. (Carpenter,…show more content…
Some of the Pros of Universal Health Care is if you was to lose your job, the health coverage would go with it. To me, that does not seem fair at all, but that is just the law. Another pros would be if we had Universal health care if you ended up losing your job you would not get service. Which to me is not right, but I guess that is the thing about having it universal. Some of the cons of it would be if the United States went universal we would lose out on a lot of companies. Which I think is kind of selfish if you ask me. They are so scared that the government will be in charge. They feel like the government will have say so over everything. Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security are run by the government. Both of these programs are on track to bankrupt themselves. Bloated bureaucracies are sort of an American icon. We set up massive social welfare programs, and they are abused by citizens and politicians alike. If a U.S. universal health care plan were to generate a surplus, our idiot government would then borrow from it and ruin the whole system for everyone. The simple fact is that our government can’t be trusted to handle social programs. (brazen,

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