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Police Department Organization Essay

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Police Department Organization
Frank Gordillo
January 5, 2012
Gilbert G. Otero

Police Department Organization
Law enforcement has evolved rapidly since the times that citizens could take the law into public hands by policing their own. Even through many changes over the years police organizations in America still use a military style of policing which was developed by Sir Robert Peel back in 1829. This military style of policing is not the only component that makes a policing agency, there are many components that form organized policing agencies and each component is important to making law enforcement successful. This paper will describe the various types of police agencies at the federal, state, and local level and how each is organized. Also this paper will identify the principle role and functions of police organizations, their roles as it applies to the law, and also identify the major organizational theories associated with policing.
To begin the United States has just about 18,000 law enforcement agencies. This number of agencies includes 12,646 local police, 3,061 sheriff’s departments, 49 state police agencies, 1,376 special police agencies, and 45 federal agencies (Schmalleger, 2009) The first type of agency is the federal agencies. Federal agencies are United States government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which are empowered by congress and whose primary responsibility is to enforce federal criminal laws. The second type of agency would be state agencies whose responsibilities is to assist local law enforcement agencies with their criminal investigations, operate centralized identification bureaus, maintain criminal records, patrol state highways, and provide training for both county and municipal officers. State law enforcement agencies are usually separated in two models, the centralized and decentralized model. In a centralized model, the responsibilities of criminal investigations are joined with the...

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