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English Comp 1 November 11, 2013 How Bad Has the Government Shutdown Hurt the Economy? The government shutdown lasted 16 days, and in total, cost 6.6 million in work, with a back pay of $2 billion (Lowrey, A20). It cost many people their jobs which will have to be paid back. Government services which were delayed, like cancer studies, kids left out of Head Start, etc., will up the cost even more (Lowrey, A20). The government didn’t calculate how much this would all cost and what would be delayed because of it. Not only did it hurt the government, but it may have discouraged people from taking jobs in the government. Annie Lowrey from the New York Times magazine called “The White House Puts Price on Government Shutdown”, which was published…show more content…
For example, she gives many testimonies on what people have said and it makes everything seem tremendously horrible. It changes your judgement as soon as you read it. “This manufactured crisis damaged the economy, cost us jobs, and hurt middle class families.” (Lowrey, A20). Lowrey also uses pathos, logos, and ethos to get her point across by stating facts and evidence. For example, she states that 40% of civilian federal employees went off the clock (Lowrey, A20). Also, she gives us part of a speech from senator Barbara Mikulski, the Maryland Democrat who is chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. “The American people deserve a government that works as hard as they do. It’s time to hear from the middle-of-roaders. It’s time to work together on a bipartisan basis.” (Lowrey, A20) She supports the view point of view by using information from people who is in charge and know what’s going on, which makes you believe even more. She uses pathos by stating “The report runs through a long list of the disruptions: a backlog in veterans’ disability claims, children let out of Head Start, patients left out of cancer studies, halted consumer-safety work, delays in certain tax refunds,” said Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the budget director, in a report (Lowrey, A20). All and all, Lowrey argues that the government shutdown cost our economy billions of dollars by using appeals of pathos, ethos and logos. She also uses a few fallacies to get her point across. She gives information and statements from political members to emphasize the damage done. The article is persuasive and informing. She gets right to the point, states all the facts, she tells readers what’s what. The economy is quickly getting worse and worse, they need to make a decision and in the end, hopefully help

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