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Elegant Mascara Your own personal guide to the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas, hair + makeup how-tos, and celebrity scoop can be found in Glamour. This magazine gives you many striking feminine advertisements from perfume, dieting pills, to shoes and mascara. Covergirl and Maybelline are top selling cosmetic to women with fashion. In this case Covergirl advertisement has proven they are worth buying over Maybelline advertisement. The charismatic Covergirl mascara advertisement is impressive in capturing the attention of young fashionable females than the reliable Maybelline mascara advertisement because of its elegant color, memorable slogan, and images of beauty. To being, Covergirl’s advertisement is more successful in selling its product to fashionable young females because, of the elegant colors. Taylor Swift, a country music singer is the model that is taking up most the page with her bare pale skin tone, ocean blue eyes, and soft pink lips. Taylor has recently been in the line light for her innocent fashion and beauty. Taylor Swift has her golden hair pin back off her face. The natural sunlight is beaming from behind her though her arm and shoulders. At the top of the advertisement, Covergirl is displayed in olive green letters. At the bottom of the ad they put the text in black and green explaining the mascara value. The texts tell us fashionable women what the mascara does to eyelashes. The mascara is displayed in bottom right of page in a green tub. Covergirl is mostly taking Taylor Swift beauty to brighten up the page. Females will like this because they can see what they are getting and how it looks in the outside light. On the contrary, the Maybelline mascara advertisement lacks creative use of colors. The majority of the advertisement is blain black is the background, with the pop of color being from the writing and the off-center tub of

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