The Secret To Healthy And Beautiful Hair

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Amanda Schalk English 100, Section 1766 Professor Janette Larson March 9, 2012 The Secret to Healthy and Beautiful Hair Advertisements are everywhere. You see them on billboards when you’re driving, you receive them in the mail, they are television during commercials, and you see them in your favorite magazines. Advertisements are made to sell products and services. Creators of advertisements influence visuals to catch the interest of their anticipated viewers. Advertisements are misleading, dramatized and some ads omit information. The visual text I have chosen was created by Pantene and distributed by Marie Claire Magazine. In 1947 Pantene was born. Pantene is one of the most famous names in hair care. It is part of pop culture and the height of fashion. Pantene has over 100 hair care and hairstyling products in the United States alone. Pantene delivers on all your hair care needs and possibilities. Pantene Pro-V advertisements use logos, pathos, and social and cultural contexts to try to persuade their audience into buying their products. The following advertisement is promoting a new hair product by Pantene Pro-V. It shows Eva Mendes, the actress and sex symbol known for her sexy hair, her glowing skin and her bombshell body. There is a white background so her flawless beauty and healthy hair both stand out. Eva Mendes has nude colored nails and one facial beauty mark. Eva Mendes has brown to hazel colored eyes. Eva Mendes is modeling her medium light brown hair. She is holding her shiny, strong, sexy, and straight hair at the ends and her nude colored lips are pressed outward as if she were going to kiss her perfectly healthy ends. The advertisement is presented in a cultural and social context, communicating the ideal hair image. This advertisement uses logos through the use of the highlighted text and visuals. Under Eva Mendes the text states zero

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