Effects Of Religion Essay

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Effects of religion March 9, 2010 HUM/130 Roy Shaff Organized religion has had many effects on society throughout history. There is lots of controversy on whether the effects of organized religion are negative or positive. Catholicism was the most popular religion in the middle ages. Every city or town has involvement with Catholicism. Many people lived their lives by the ringing of church bells. The ringing of the church bells would let the people know of a death, wedding, or a birth. Going to Sunday mass was something that was a must not going was unacceptable. The Catholic Church was once very strong but over the years it has weakened. Religion unifies people, especially in small towns. Some small towns still ring the bells during or for a special occasion. Small towns consider the church their family. A church family holds the same value as your regular family at your home. War and hate crimes are negatives effects that organized religion has on society. War is an effect of organized religion and there are lots of examples to this. Examples of these could be the catholic protestant war in Ireland, or the crusaders are yet another that comes to mind. In recent years would be the World Trade Center and the Iraq war. Hate crimes are another negative toward organized religion. When the World Trade Center was attacked the Muslims and Arab people were victims of hate crimes. Muslims were stereotyped as terrorist and were a threat to the United States. There are still negative effect on organize religion against the Muslims. Organized religion is meant to unite people. But suicide bombers are taking not only their life but lives of

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