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Relativism Relativism The article of “Some Moral Minima” written by Lenn Goodman, discusses issues in our society he believes to be truly unethical and wrong. Some cultures believe the things mentioned by Goodman to be ethical and acceptable in their culture because it is they way they way have been doing things for many years. Some points discussed by Goodman are genocide, terrorism, and rape. The first example from Goodman is genocide, the murdering or extermination of an entire race or culture. Mass murder is compared to genocide and an example would be when nations or groups are at war with each other. This situation demonstrates mass murdering, but it is simply an…show more content…
Violating a person in such a way is horrible, cruel and it can lead to severe physiological problems of the victim. Rape is not beneficial to society and it is not agreed upon by both parties, but instead forced upon on the one not in agreement. Rape is not only with women, but also with children and men. There are those who specifically target women because they know they can overpower them if they need to in order to get their way. Children or minors may lack the judgment needed for valid consent. Rape not only causes mental injury, but also physical damages can occur. Some women who are raped may not be able to produce critical items necessary to have children. Goodman states, “rape is wrong because it stands at the extreme limit of a continuum of sexual acts, from the most committed to the least and the most alienating. Rape is exploitative, objectifying, and volatile, but what it violates is not just another’s body, but the other’s personhood, invested, deeply in one’s sexuality” (p.…show more content…
Genocide is the specific targeting and killing of culture or race of people, which is unethical and wrong. Terrorists perform acts of violence meant to disrupt daily life by causing pain and suffering of others. Rape is a sexual act forced upon someone, which destroys the life of another for the self-gratification of one sick individual. Goodman is correct with his statement about certain things are just wrong and unethical in a society. The examples provided are supported and represent unethical acts by people. Through the view of morality and relativism, these examples cannot be validated. There are instances within our society, which are go against relativism because they cannot be justified or acceptable because they do not benefit anyone in society and are simply

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