Osama Bin Laden: Religious Art Analysis

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Controversy- Pushing the Envelope or Burning it? Religion has always been a touchy subject. Throughout time wars and feuds were raged all because of religious differences. In the world of today the same thing is happening but through a different mean-art. When artists portray images revolving around religious icons the image may turn into something highly controversial. It is true that the constitution does give Americans freedom of speech as well as expression but there is always a fine line between pushing the envelope and burning it and sometimes these artists burn it completely. The artist who constructed the image for the Blake Prize for religious art constructed an image of the portrait of Jesus with the face of Osama Bin Laden. The image’s controversy is one that deserves analyzing because of the context of the image as well as the reaction to the image. Throughout the analysis one must keep in mind that this image was meant for a contest of religious art. The artist of this image presented his piece to the Blake Prize for religious art. The image is that…show more content…
Is the artist trying to say that conversion of the Christian and Muslim religion is not controversial? Or is the artist trying to show the similarities or differences between Jesus Christ and Osama Bin Laden? Both questions seem valid and both questions are not answerable just by looking at the image. In looking at the big picture, no pun intended, showing the differences between both figures is not controversial, that artist could have done a better job at doing so but when it comes down to it, its not controversial. Trying to say that both religions are the same is indeed controversial. The actual religions are similar but portraying Osama Bin Laden as a prophet when he himself did terrible things to his country is wrong, especially when Jesus Christ was a prophet of religion and he- according to the bible- died for the sins of

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