Educ/111 Week 2 Teaching Research Paper

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Reflection Paper Kyle Patterson Mrs. Eastman EDUC 111 Reflection Paper Before I registered for Introduction to Teaching, I had a misconception of teaching. I just thought that teaching was going to be an easy and fun occupation, but at the same time very rewarding. I also thought that I was completely ready to enter the field. This conception wasn’t completely wrong, but I now know I will have to add in some missing parts. Teaching is fun, but at the same time it is very stressful. You not only have the school evaluating your abilities, but you also have the student’s parents, and the students. Teaching is very rewarding, but it can be hard at sometimes…show more content…
I felt that there were a lot of things I did well as a teacher. It didn’t take a lot of time for the students to open up to me, and feel comfortable to ask questions. I really enjoyed answering the questions each student had, and even teaching some students how to conjugate verbs and use them. I also thought that I did a great job in encouraging the students, and not letting them just slip by when I knew they were capable of doing better. In one case, we all had to make a fool of ourselves by dancing to the alphabet song, but I can guarantee that the students won’t soon forget the words to the song. In order for us to dance they had to sing the words to the song loudly or we wouldn’t move. Another thing that I thought I did surprisingly well was being aware of what is going on in the classroom, and who isn’t working as well and focused, as they should be. I contribute this to the fact that I’m not that old, and most of the things they were doing, I did not too long ago. There are a few goals that I hope to achieve before leaving Manchester. The first one is to know more about my content, mainly the vocabulary and speaking skills. The vocabulary review games were as much as a review for the students as they were for me. Grant it, they were learning objects in the classroom, such as a pencil sharpener and a computer screen, which aren’t stressed too much in speaking. If I want to teach a topic, I should try to learn as much as I can about it and never stop learning Spanish, this is also one of my goals. Another thing I could learn more about, are teaching methods, and classroom management. I feel that a reason I don’t know too much about teaching is because I haven’t taken enough education classes. I should take more classes on those subjects to improve my subjects. The final thing that I think I need to approve on is

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