Why You Should Approve Into the Wild

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Dear members of the school board, I am writing this letter in regards to the issue, should “Into the Wild” be allowed in schools. My position on this topic is that yes it should be allowed in schools because it is a compelling story of a young man who follows his dreams. This book shows people that with hard work and courage you can accomplish anything. I think that this book will help people understand how simple acts of kindness can change a person’s life. I know that what Chris did is not normal or approved of but I think that the meaning behind his journey is what is important. His journey symbolizes hard work, courage, determination, kindness and hope. I am aware that your biggest concern is that this book will give kids the idea to do what Chris did, but we have to trust that we have given our students the proper education to make a better choice. From being a librarian I have noticed that if we give our students a more diverse section of literature, then they have a more well-rounded outlook on life. As educators our job is to give our students the tools they need for life, and I think that this book would really help them see the good in other people. I say this because even though Chris’s actions were strange, he was a kind and generous person. This book is perfect for high school students and I think depriving our students from this book is hindering their learning ability. Chris’s story helps students look beyond people's appearance and their actions and makes you look at their intentions. In a high school student I think that, that quality is very important and hard to find. I hope you take all the points in this letter into consideration as you make your choice. I trust that you will do what is best for our students. Sincerely your trusted

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