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Barbara Acosta Professor Harvest ENC-1101-01C 24 April 2013 EAT PRAY LOVE In the film Eat Pray Love, Liz is a writer who has lost balance of her life. She was sure that her married life would be perfect, since she had everything in her life planned. Liz took a trip to Bali in order to write about refugees who come to the United States. In Bali, she interviews a shaman that preaches her future: “You are an adventurer who will live for a long time, you will have a long and a short marriage, and one day you will come back to Bali to live for some time.” Liz laughed in an incredulous way. She thought none of the predictions would ever come true. Even though this movie is not about food, Liz future will revolve around many unique and authentic meals. As Carole Counihan and Penny Van Esterik note, “Food is life, and life can be studied and understood through food” (qtd. in Forster 252). In the first scene, Liz attended a party at her best friend’s house and the distance between Liz and her husband is palpable. Liz' husband enjoys the party chatting with a friend, while Liz is greeting other guests. Even though the waiters walk from one side of the room the other with trays of appetizers, no one is eating. Everyone is engaged in conversation and Liz is absorbed in her thoughts; she could not stop thinking about how she has lost her appetite for food and life. She could not remember the last time she enjoyed a real meal and not a light salad to prevent weight gain. That night after the party, Liz confesses to her husband that she wants a divorce. The big emptiness that exists in Liz' life led her to pursue her life’s dream, and recover the appetite she once had for food and life. Liz then travels to Italy to enjoy wonderful pasta, and marvelous Italian wine. She eats without remorse or concern of losing her figure. In this scene, she has changed; it is easy to see

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