The Awakening Chapter 8 Summary

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Annotations of The Awakening P. 8 Introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Pontellier. They seem to be a typical husband and wife for the time they are in. I think this beginning chapter is an exposition of the family used to show what the family style was like in this time. P. 8 Mrs. Pontellier is walking with a Robert Lebrun. I’m confused as to whether he is a child or a grown man. If it is the latter, then I think Mr. Pontellier should be a little worried. P. 11 I believe Robert is younger. He and Mrs. Pontellier talk while he smokes about themselves and their pasts and such. I believe they are in summer cottages along the ocean or some body of water. P. 14 Mrs. Pontellier came home late. He woke his wife. She cried for no apparent reason. P. 15 Mr. Pontellier is leaving the island to go to his business and will be gone for a week. He woos her with…show more content…
37 Adele warns Robert to stay away from Edna because Edna might take him seriously. Robert said that he might have made the mistake of taking himself seriously. P. 37 The lady in black, I think she could be a symbol for something or a motif. She keeps popping up in odd places. P. 39 Robert asks his mother where Edna is. He wants to give her some Goncourt or something. I’m very confused as to what that is. P. 45 Edna and everyone were at a party that even the children stayed up for. Her husband was there. She danced twice with him, and once with Robert. There was much entertainment. Robert asked if she wanted to hear someone play and when she said he went to get the person. The last song this woman played on the piano evoked strong emotions in Edna. Some sort of passion that made her cry. It ends with Robert wanting to go take a bath or something. P. 51 After the party they all went swimming. Edna had never been able to swim before but was able to now. She was terrified for a moment though. She got out and walked back up to the house with Robert who sat with her until everyone

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