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Working My Way to the Top Achieving an accomplishment is the greatest feeling in the world. It boosts up your self-esteem tremendously and it also encourages you to continue to strive. While it does take a lot of work and effort on your part in the end it is all worth it. I believe life should be filled with many accomplishments, to make others and yourself feel proud of you. The two accomplishments that I am proud of are graduating from high school and dancing my way up to the top. Through these accomplishments I have matured from a girl to a young lady. An achievement that I am proud of is when I was fifteen years old and I was given the chance to perform a solo on stage, during my dance show. I started dancing when I was about six years old and I always dreamed of being on stage and dancing in front of millions of people. When I first started I was very shy. But as I got used to it a lot changed. I went from only dancing ballet to dancing jazz and tap as well. I loved dressing up for shows and putting make-up on like a grown up. I remember during the shows I would see the older girls doing solo’s and I wanted to be in their shoes, in their ballet shoes. I always asked my dance teacher what I had to do to be able to dance by myself and she would always tell me “Girl, just dance your way to the top”. I never stopped dreaming about performing a solo. I always loved to dance so I was naturally good at it. I would go to dance class two days a week and when I went home I was always dancing as well. Then when I was fifteen years old, while we began to practice for our dance recital my dance instructor pulled me to the side and told me I had the opportunity to perform a solo because she saw how much I improved and all the dedication and time I put into dancing. At that time it was one of my biggest dreams. May came along and I performed by myself. When I first

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