Drug Trafficking In The United States: The Disturbing Cartel Organization

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Drug Trafficking in the United States Rhonda Stafford English 122 Lisa Clark October 09, 2011 The Disturbing Cartel Organization One of the most horrifying, violent, bloody events taking place in the world today is drug trafficking and the ruthless cartels, (a cartel is an alliance of business companies formed to control production, competition, and prices) that are behind this illegal business. Many of the drug cartels are related and have been in existence for many generations. The authorities are making every effort in an attempt to stop this disturbing distribution of drugs, although the drug cartels are ferociously and aggressively fighting back. This is making the progress to stop drug trafficking into the United States…show more content…
There have been 500 corpse found so far and the search for more fosas continues. Most of the victims were Mexican civilians who were taken at road blocks by gunman. These gunmen would take whatever valuables the civilians had on their person, and in most cases the civilians were brutally tortured and then murdered. Sadly, 17 of these evil gunmen were policeman and they were arrested in association to the massacres. The police force is a recruiting “pool” for the cartels and many police officers become violent murderers working closely with the cartels to slaughter innocent people at the request of their cartel bosses (Padgett, T. (2011)). Many people, not just police officers, work for the cartels in order to make more money to provide for their needs, and the needs of their…show more content…
The community and Rojas have since been living in complete terror for themselves and their loved ones as they witness events like vehicles speeding away after kidnappings. Unfortunately, the children have witnessed events like a pickup truck ramming down a door of a home, which lead to a gun battle leaving four people dead in the middle of the street. Events like these have left the families traumatized and living in horrifying fear for their lives and

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