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Traffic (2000) Steven Soderbergh Soderbergh’s directing and cinematography of the movie Traffic is exceptional. The movie is a thought-provoking film that depicts how cops, victims, politicians and the government are all somehow involved in the drug world. The film captures the heartache and malicious destruction that the world of drugs can do to not only your family, but the government. Soderbergh intertwines three unique stories that all have something in common, drugs. The first story revolves around the Mexican police and how some of them are corrupt and either turn their head to the drug lords or are stand up citizens that want drugs off the streets. This story is about a State policeman Javier Rodriguez and his partner. Rodriguez is caught between his Captains corruption and the Mexican drug trade. The scenes shown in the Mexico were all shot in an Amber Hue to give the story an authentic Mexican feel. The second story is on Robert Wakefield, the U.S. Drug Czar and his daughter Caroline. Caroline an A student in a private school develops a drug addiction that turns into Caroline turning to Heroin. This story focuses on the denials of the parents and the impact of how the drugs affect the family. Wakefield, once he realizes his daughter is a drug addict, is a concerned parent who is powerless to stop his daughter from doing drugs. Being the Drug Czar he tries to hide the fact that his family (daughter) is involved in drugs. The scenes that were shot were in a blue tone that depicts the nice serene life that the Wakefields’ were living in. The third story is about a drug boss, thugs and the law enforcement that is trying to put them out of business. This story is centered on the Carlos Ayalas' family who is a drug boss and his wife Helena. As Carlos’ family is living the ideal life, country clubs and an affluent lifestyle, his wife finds

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