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Eric Schlosser’s Reefer Madness is more than the title reads. The three essays Schlosser has complied explore facets of the U.S. underground economy, or better known as the black market. The first chapter of the book discusses marijuana and the harsh laws of our government, past and present. It goes into great detail of Mark Young’s case which leaves you to realize how strict our government’s drug policies actually are. Schlosser then goes into discussing the callous illegal immigrant labor that takes place in strawberry fields of California. He doesn’t primarily focus on one individual case; however, the detail of the harsh work and living environments leave a lasting mental image of what the workers had to endure to make a measly buck. The final essay in Schlosser’s book discusses the founder of the pornography industry, Reuben Sturman, and the many trials and tribulations the U.S. government brought upon him. All three of Schlosser’s essays put the U.S. government in the forefront, showing all the ways that government intervention did not seem to be in the best interest of society. Reefer Madness The first focus of Schlosser’s book spotlights on the booming business in marijuana cultivation. Marijuana, what should be America’s number one cash crop, apart from corn and soy isn’t because it is still illegal. The government would rather spend roughly 4 billion dollars of tax payer money to fight the war on marijuana. Why not save that 4 billion dollars of federal tax revenue and instead decriminalize marijuana, tax it, and start making money hand over fist? Plausible estimates indicate that marijuana could pull in around 25 billion dollars a year. Schlosser points out that when demand for a product is high, prohibition has little effect. His backtracks to the alcohol prohibition during the 1930’s and how well that worked for the U.S. government. When

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