Marijuana And Cocaine: The US/Mexico Border

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Running Head: NARCOTICS Felipe ENG 122 English Composition II 10/15/2012 NARCOTICS Marijuana and Cocaine are the two most smuggled in drugs that come into the United States. The U.S./Mexico border is the primary point of entry for cocaine and Marijuana shipments being smuggled into the U.S. Despite efforts from border police, there are hundreds of pounds of illegal narcotics being smuggled in to the U.S. every day. According to a recent interagency intelligence assessment, approximately 65 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States crosses the Southwest border. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (2004) As the world’s largest consumer of drugs, it is time for reform…show more content…
The problem begins in Mexico and needs desperate help to contain the war on drugs. Majority of law enforcement in Mexico have been co opted, the dilemma silver or lead? Accept the bribe or we’ll shoot you— weighs heavily on Mexican civil servants, law enforcement officials, and security forces. Even high-ranking federal officials and military personnel are not immune; in the past decade, two of Mexico’s anti drug chiefs have been arrested for taking payoffs from drug kingpins. Paul. S (2011) pg 23. How can we win a war on drugs when the officials are corrupt and helping the same criminals we are so desperately trying to stop. In order to stop drug trafficking the United States needs to join forces with Mexico to help re build and reform law enforcement to protect the borders. Violence is increasingly directed toward the government. Dozens of elected officials, hundreds of police and military personnel, and intelligence agents working with U.S. law enforcement in the fight against organized crime have been murdered. David. A (2011) pg 8. The U.S. and Mexico have common interests, both are trying to stop drugs from entering there country and both loosing. If no action will be taken then there will be more death s and hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs on our…show more content…
Larger shipments ranging up to multi thousands of illegal narcotics. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (2004) With proper personal and the right technology, it would be possible to make more confiscations. It has been time for the government to invest money towards technology helping officials find hidden narcotics. Drug king pins spend hundred of thousands on creating underground tunnels. Marijuana packages are usually wrapped in cellophane, coated with mustard, grease and motor oil then concealed. Drug smugglers do this to hide the smell of the narcotics, and to throw off officials, and dogs that are looking for concealed narcotics. Drug Enforcement Agency (2004) pg 1. This is just one way smugglers try to smuggle illegal drugs across the border. Legalization of marijuana might be a good solution to solve some problems. Legalization would help cripple the cartel in the billion dollar business. It would also allow the State to collect tax on all cannabis items. There would still be attempts to smuggle the narcotic across the border, but would not be as valuable as it is in today’s market. Legalization would also allow officials to concentrate on more allusive drugs such as cocaine, and

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