The Importance Of Border Patrol

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Border Patrol For over 86 years, the Border Patrol has been the most important use of protection for the United States of America. The objective of the Border Patrol is to “prevent terrorists and terrorist’s weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering the United States” (Department of Homeland, 2011). The Border Patrol agents as well as other law enforcement officers, guard the border to make sure that legal immigrants get across while stopping illegal aliens and “contraband” from coming over too. It all started with seventy five men in the year of 1904 that were called “Mounted Inspectors” (USBP N.D.). They were the men who patrolled the entire southern border and they were appointed by the Commissioner General of…show more content…
There are many ways of doing this, and it is a long process of security. Activities such as, city patrol, highway checkpoints, transportation checks, and anti-smuggling investigations are done in order to keep the country secure. The agents must maintain surveillance, respond to “aircraft sightings”, and follow leads that they receive from informants in order to gain more knowledge of well-known terrorists or drug-traffickers (Department of Homeland, 2011). In order to patrol every border on all terrain, agents use many helpful vehicles as well as very well programmed technology. Usually, patrol officers use trucks, cars, boats, and feet to patrol. But when it comes to diverse terrain, vehicles such as motorcycles and snowmobiles or even horses are used to continue the non-stop fight against terrorism. Since all areas obviously can’t be watched and patrolled at all times, video cameras, motion-sensors and night vision scopes are used as well. Transportation checks are very well-known and efficient in the border patrol process. By doing this, agents can check vehicles and immigrants for illegal weapons, drugs, or even other illegal aliens. When necessary to find drugs, drug-detecting dogs are used by sniffing and searching the vehicle. Besides cars, during transportation checks, boats, trains, and planes are checked at checkpoints…show more content…
The number of illegal aliens crossing the border to get to the US has decreased slightly due to the improving of enforcement and technology at the border. But in 2009, agents recorded that over 556,000 people were arrested for illegally entering the US (Department of Homeland, 2011). This was a huge dilemma for America because these immigrants most of the time caused some sort of crime. Whether it was, homicide or drug-related crimes, America was not benefitting from this at all. Drugs are now the most important problem when it comes to the Border (Department of Homeland, 2011). Every day there is some sort of problem with drug cartels and drug traffickers, and the smugglers are increasing. Cartels are battling for territory and constantly attempting to bring drugs back and forth between the US and Mexico. Although the Border Patrol is increasing in numbers, the drug traffickers continue to smuggle and fight for territory because the Mexican government cannot quite control them yet. Right now the US and Mexico are using informants that are close to the Cartels and their leaders to gain information and get closer and closer to each leader. This year informants helped US and Mexican officials arrest or kill over two dozen upper and middle level leaders in many investigated cartels. One informant for example, Margarito Flores, was a drug dealer who used to distribute cocaine from Chicago

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