Argumentative Essay On Drug Legalization

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In the United States, The War on Drugs is a major event that has been negatively affecting our country for many years. Since it began, the War on Drugs has wasted a ton of money and put harmless people in jail. All drugs should be legalized. It has been proven, and is blatantly clear that people are doing drugs whether they are legal or not. The War on Drugs is causing more harm than good in our country. American citizens are putting their hard-earned tax money into this war every time they get a paycheck. We our supporting jails and prison, many, full of harmless drug addicts. We also spend tons on money on high tech machinery to find illegal drugs. We could actually save, and even make money if all drugs were legal. All the money spent on drugs and addicts would be spent voluntarily. We wouldn’t need high tech machinery to find drugs because dealers and drug smuggler would be put out of business. We would have no reason for them if drugs were legal. All the money we saved from legalizing drugs could be spent on education and other things that would actually approve America. Harmless people are being put in jail for doing drugs every day, some longer than people who have actually harmed others. Drug addiction is a disease; you don’t cure a disease by placing someone in jail. Being put in jail will only cause a drug addict to go through harmful, even deadly withdrawals and go right back to where they left off when they get out of jail. Rehab would be the much wiser place to send a drug addict. Even if they don’t quit, at least they would learn more about their deadly addiction and ways to cure it when they get ready. Drugs put lives in danger in numerous ways. Drugs are very harmful to one’s health yes, but people should have the right to ingest what they want in their own bodies. Clean needles would be easily available, and help prevent addicts from
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