Satire Essay On Legalizing Drugs

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Legalize It Every year in America billions of dollars are made illegally, thousands of people are imprisoned, and even more people lose their lives to drugs. On a broad level, illegal drugs ruin whole communities by perpetuating the disease of addiction and engulfing neighborhoods in the gang violence that inevitably comes with illegal drug trafficking. On a more personal level, illegal drugs ruin lives by making people turn their backs on loved ones and causing them to throw away their dreams. Most people agree that a problem that is this pervasive and expansive must be dealt with, but few can agree on a solution. There is only one practical solution. Even though drugs are dangerous we must legalize them. Today illegal drugs are being sold in back-alleys, on street corners, and in school yards across America. Drugs are available anywhere you go as long as you know where to look and your friendly neighborhood dope man doesn't care who he sells to. As long as you have money you can buy drugs. No matter your age everyone is a potential customer. This is one of the inherent problems of drugs being illegal. If you are under 18 you can't buy tobacco, and you can't buy…show more content…
For gangs, selling drugs is the fund-raising equivalent of a church bake sale. Gangs use drug money to buy more weapons and more drugs. Gang violence and illegal drug sales perpetuate each other. To stop this vicious cycle the government spends billions of dollars every year on the “War on Drugs” to prosecute and imprison drug dealers and users. Under this system the government spends billions and gangs make billions. There is defiantly something wrong with this scenario. If drugs were legalized the government would go from spending large quantities of money on the “War on Drugs” to collecting tax revenue from drug sales. The legalization of drugs also removes the fund-raising capabilities of gangs thus reducing gang

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