The Benefits Of Sex Offender Rehabilitation

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In our current society rapists, pedophiles, exhibitionists, and other sex offenders make up the criminal category with the highest overall recidivism (also known as relapse) rate. In addition sex crimes, especially those perpetrated against minors, are widely considered by the vast majority of the population to be the most morally reprehensible offense period; in fact, if you were to ask a random person's opinion about how they would rank different types of crime in order of severity, it would not be uncommon to see murderers held in higher regard than child molesters! Even so, the general contempt that the public feels for these criminals has had no effect on the scientific communities' research interest in them; to date, numerous studies…show more content…
According to (Wikoff, 1) “As higher numbers of individuals are released from prison and rejoin society, reentry programs can help former offenders reintegrate into society without continuing to engage in crime.” And with the exception of California's mandatory chemical castration statute, most other implementations of chemical castration are in fact very fair for sex offenders; it is usually offered as an alternative to other punishments such as additional incarceration length, and so far California's statute is the only negative example in the Unites States (that statute allows for chemical castration to be a mandatory part…show more content…
Instead of just throwing criminals away and forgetting about them, a quick glance at any academic article or research studies on this subject makes it painfully clear what needs to be done. More focus must be put on rehabilitation for those willing to be helped rather than blind punishment doled out indiscriminately toward all, and though chemical castration is not a perfect catch-all solution for every sex offender, it's a start. With overall general reduction in recidivism rates in nearly all studies conducted, having it as an option for rehabilitation is a much needed positive step in not only understanding and fixing our recidivism problems regarding sex offenders, but alsop towards the pursuit of justice in our society as a

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