Red Light for Drug Trafficking

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One of the main roots that has lead to the increasing of gangs, violence, murder rates, corruption, impunity, smuggling and crime of Mexico is drugs. Drug trafficking, drug production and drug consumption are all prevailing in the Mexican society. As they continue to grow so has the relationship between Mexico and other countries has been horribly affected. The border country, the United States receives about 90% of cocaine from South America through Mexico. Mexico provides the United States with the largest supply of marijuana and is the second largest source for heroin. When the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon came to office and began to take on organized crime by arresting cartel leaders, was when the government and cartels began their battle. There is a war also between the five leading rival cartels for the production and smuggling of drugs. Violence has reached the point of beheading, murdering and hiding of dead bodies, and even the dissolving of human parts in acid. Kidnapping rates have also escaladed in Mexico to where an average of 70 people are abducted each month. There are 75 open cases of Americans who have been kidnapped in Mexico. Approximately 6,300 people have died in the past year because of the drug wars. Gangs have become the dominant authority in Mexico, and when there are over 450,000 people involved in drug trafficking they are able to perform violence and to keep the issue rampant. The government has made many attempts for prevention, but the cartels still earn in tens of billions of dollars a year. Illegal weaponry has gotten into the hands of the cartels and gangs and battles with troops have become more difficult because of the weapons they possess. Recently, drug traffickers threatened to kill one police officer in Juarez every 48 hours unless Police Chief Roberto Orduña Cruz stepped down. When he refused, his deputy turned up
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