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Drug Trafficking in the United States ENG 122: English Composition II Professor June 18, 2012 Drug trafficking remains the single most important activity for organized criminal groups in the Americas. This includes trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs. The trafficking and consumption destabilizes nearly every country that forms part of the production and distribution chain. Some of these countries are facing challenges that are, in some ways, bigger those of their prolonged civil wars. Without the resources or knowledge, the governments of these nations are succumbing to powerful mega-structures that are able to subordinate poorly paid civil servants and buy off large portions of the…show more content…
Seven Major drug cartels have an influence on drug trafficking in the United States. The Juarez Cartel, based out of Chihuahua, Mexico, has some form of operation in 21 states and covers the largest area of all Mexican drug cartels. The Gulf Cartel, based out of Tamaulipas, Mexico, have operations in 13 states. The Sinaloa Cartel, based out of Sinaloa, Mexico, have operations in 17 states. The Colima Cartel, based out of Colima, Mexico, have operations in 7 states. The Oaxaca Cartel, based out of Oaxaca Mexico, have operations in 7 states. The La Familia and Valencia Cartels are based out of Michoacán, Mexico are some of the newer operations. This information can be accessed on the Congressional Research Service…show more content…
Allowing the cartels to traffic drugs across the border encourages more and more of these cartels to produce. This causes the crime rate to increase drastically. Having a handle on this problem would greatly reduce the rate at which it happens. If more vigilance was given this circumstance could be eradicated. References El Paso Times; Retrieved from http://www.elpasotimes.com/ci_18608410 Congressional Research Service Report, Oct. 2007; Explorando Mexico The United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and Conflict By Jorge I. Domínguez, Rafael Fernández de Castro The United States Department of Justice: National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Antonio Division, Press

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