A Drug War with Severe Consequences

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A Drug War with Severe Consequences In the article The Fall of Mexico, Philip Caputo underscores a severe problem that is greatly hindering Mexico as a nation and affecting its bordering neighbors. It is a war that has been ongoing for over five years, and it is the war on drugs. To be clearer, it is a battle of the Mexican government versus the deleterious drugs cartels. Drugs cartels in Mexico, which are powerful organizations that promote drug trafficking and violence, have been negatively influential on the country’s current egregious state. Because of this unending drug, the perception of Mexico, a nation which strongly emphasizes Catholic values, has quickly shifted. The drug war has affected the country detrimentally as strong censorship rules have been imposed, the safety and security of its people at risk, and the country’s relations with other countries such as the United States are questionable. Drug trafficking “refers to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs” (Drug Trafficking). It is something that is taken as an offense to many because it is against the law and often displeasing. Drug trafficking, in years past, have been very present in countries like Cuba, where drug lords attempted to run the country. Through drug cartels, as mentioned earlier, groups of people try to sell these illegal drugs in attempt to gain money and power. However, these type of cartels are very dangerous as the affect the lives of individuals. More recently, Mexico has been heavily hit by the drug trafficking epidemic, and this has caused an ongoing war that seems almost impossible to end. Living the United States, one can easily forget how great a right it is to practice free speech. The privilege of free speech that we, Americans, have is often forgotten because we either don’t exercise it or overuse it and neglect that others do not have the same privileges we
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