American Imperialism In The Nineteenth Century Essay

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American Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century Imperialism was a highly controversial subject in the Nineteenth century. Many people opposed the fact while others wanted to hit it full force. Imperialism is the acquisition of control over the government and the economy of another nation, usually by conquest [ (Davidson, 2008) ]. The United State became an imperialistic world power in the late nineteenth century by gaining control over the Hawaiian Islands and, after the Spanish American War, Guam, the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico [ (Davidson, 2008) ]. With America wanting to be a power house country, they became just that when they gained control over these countries. They did so because of the issues within the countries not…show more content…
The only problem with this idea is that other countries began to feel threatened not only by America but by other countries also. It was not a complete shock when Spain and America went to war. Since the idea of imperialism was being tossed around by countries, Spain had control over Cuba and other countries, the goods that were being exported from these countries to America and surrounding areas were being threatened to be cut off. American ended up going to war with Spain to prevent these things from happening. Just think if Spain still had control over Cuba and Hawaii, we would have to spend more money as a country to import sugar and pineapples. With America going to war with Spain and gaining control of Hawaii and Cuba these things are not taxed as much as they would have been. During the war however, many people in Spain and supporting Spain in the war, burnt the sugar cane fields and threatened the lives of many. People against the idea of imperialism were worried about the wars that it might entail and I cannot say that I blame them. With the Spanish American War happening because of the imperialism, this brought many people in America against the idea. With their loved ones going off to fight in a war that they should not be fighting in and that most believed America should never have got involved in, in the first place. Wars were just a start in the imperialism
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