Spanish American War Primary Source Analysis

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History 111 – 2921 March 4, 2012 Primary Source Analysis: Imperialism and the Spanish-American War Honor Code: “On my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work. This work is entirely my own and done with only the professor approved materials of this course. This work was not completed with the use of internet sources like Wikipedia or help from classmates. I understand that violating this promise will result in penalties as severe as indefinite suspension from Mira Costa College and a zero on this paper.” The Spanish-American War marked the final stage of a thirty-year struggle for independence. In 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago for the 400th…show more content…
This laid the foundation for a new conflict. Filipinos, like the Cubans had initially welcomed American intervention in their struggle against Spanish forces. But once war with Spain had ended and it became clear that American armies would remain to assert control over the islands, Filipino insurgents then turned against the United States and the Philippine-American War was officially declared over after three years of fighting, longer than that of the Spanish-American War. The Unites States granted the Philippines self-government and vowed to gradually return the islands to the Filipino people, but full independence and the removal of U.S. military troops would not come until 1992. Some Americans believed the U.S. policy in the Philippines looked like Spanish Imperialism. Anti-expansionists objected to what they perceived as the United States’ abuse of their own nations power. Many worried if the United States continued its pursuits of annexation, it would get entangled in too many foreign crises, spend too much money and damage its international reputation, much like the crumbling European empires. The United States went into the new century with aggressive policies throughout the world, and now has become a new

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