"A People's History of the United States" Ch. 12 Reflection

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A People’s History of the United States: Reflection Chapter 12 The Empire And The People This chapter gives a summary of expansion of land and of the foreign market. By Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, expansion was not a new concept, but it did waver at the edge of everyone’s thoughts. When the countries of Latin America were getting their independence from Spain, Americans thought about expansion into the south. When business started to rise, Americans thought about the Pacific, of expansion into Hawaii, Japan, and China. “The ideology of expansion was widespread in the upper circles of military men, politicians, businessmen—and even among some of the leaders of farmers’ movements who thought foreign markets would help them,” (Zinn 298). The rest of the chapter explains the war with Spain and the injustices done to various groups of diverse soldiers and laborers. It would seem this was a difficult time for America, though, as by the beginning of the twentieth century, people would begin to feel unpatriotic and underappreciated. My reaction to this chapter is that I honestly feel bad for whoever had to organize this country during this time. The country was splitting up, with some people thinking and believing this and other people disagreeing and believing that. On one hand, you have to people who could benefit from expansion and pushed for it to be done as soon as possible, but on the other hand you have this war that was distancing Americans from their country. I don’t think there was any great compromise that could have been made to appease everybody, and so concludes another episode of America’s stubborn nature. This impacted my thinking in that I came to realize how difficult this war with Spain was making things. I also took special notice in how hardly anybody could get along, which is still an underlying theme in society, and I don’t think it will
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