The Missing Piece to the Gang – Violence Debate

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Summary of “The Missing Piece to the Gang – Violence Debate” by Dan Gardner Are there several reasons for gang related violence? There is an overabundance of ideas that politicians argue; including fatherless families, weak immigration rules, lenient criminal justice system, racism, poverty, and too many guns. Dan Gardner claims “these previously mentioned points are important and worthy of discussion, but there is something missing”.1 The cause he claims often is unanalyzed and scarcely made a reason, is the illicit drug trade industry. In his article, Gardner suggests illicit drug trade and the black market are primary causes of gang related violence, and most often, these causes are shunned. He cites Mexico’s strategy of rigid law enforcement to eradicate gang violence has a negative impact; suggesting that higher enforcement is associated with higher homicide rates and argues that markets are self-correcting mechanisms. Lastly, he points out that Canada will endure that same outcome as Mexico if it disregards massive evidence of failure and ratchet up law enforcement. Gardner stimulates our curiousness by setting a perspective of violence and facts of illicit drug trade and black market activities. He starts by stating gun battles that erupted in March 2003, in Nuevo Laredo, border city of Mexico and United States. He continues, when Mexican authorities arrested the Nuevo Laredo smuggling conduit. Furthermore, he cites the high incidence of drug related murders in New York City of 1988. He suggests that ratcheting up law enforcement is counterproductive and markets, without exception, the black market, are self-correcting. He claims that the unsatisfied demand for illicit drugs will drive up the price then entice new dealers to the trade. And continues to close his argument with the beseech to be wary if when a mature market’s status quo is

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