Does Performance and Compensation Management Improve Individual, Team and Organisational Performance?

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Does performance and compensation management improve individual, team and organisational performance? It is evident that performance and compensation management has moved away from a once a year event, which only summarised past performance and is now seen as an ongoing cycle that strives to monitor, provide feedback and much more. This assignment focuses on individual, team and organisational performance in relation to whether it is improved by the presence of performance and compensation management. A discussion of each aspect; individual performance, team performance and organisational performance will be presented in relation to the question given. This assignment will strive to explain, analyse and provide evidence to support the question and in the conclusion an answer to the question will be represented. Performance management can serve many important purposes within an organisation these may include: motivating employees, strengthening organizational goals and facilitating discussion of ideas and areas for improvement. Performance management as a system is designed to promote interaction and feedback between management and employees, establish expectations for individual work performance, and serve as a foundation for rewarding top employees. Organisations and employees within these organisations should value performance very highly, performance gives each organisation a competitive edge, it provides organisations with sound outputs and results and much more. Organisations should definitely focus on integrating performance management into their daily routines if they have not already done so. Performance should be highly valued in all organisations, if not these organisations will not develop and may not experience all of the possible benefits. Performance appraisal is a huge part of performance management. ‘Much of the early research in

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