Does Divorce Hurt Parents?

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Does Divorce Hurt Parents? Divorce rates have risen over the past few decades. Although it appears to be the best solution for a dysfunctional marriage, divorce is a highly painful and stressful event for both parents and children, who get hurt during this process. For a couple, a breakup represents a loss. Not only do parents lose their shared dreams and hopes for the future, but they also risk losing their children. The stresses and strains of divorce affect parents in different aspects of their lives. First of all, many people assume that conflict with their spouses will decrease as a result of divorce, and so divorce is foreseen as the cure-all - the hope that ending the marriage will eliminate all the troubles. However, while divorce can eliminate some problems, other conflicts actually arise during or after this process. Relationships usually do not end cleanly and couples are forced to deal with difficult situations that involve fights and compromises, such as moving households, custody and visitation struggles, child support payments and more. Secondly, some people think of divorce as a path that leads to a happier life. They imagine and seek a relief that – they say – should come immediately after the spouse is gone. But researchers have found that divorced adults have poorer physical and mental health compared to adults in stable marriages. There is proof that divorced couples turn out to be more vulnerable to fall into depression because of a sense of failure and purposelessness. Thirdly, people claim that once divorced, they will better and extend their social involvement so as to compensate for the loss of their spouses. Nevertheless, divorce brings major changes in the social lives of the adults, such as having no time for social interaction. Having to handle everything on their own, parents find it difficult to cope
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