Comparison Essay the Other Two and a Temporary Matter

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It’s dreadful when a man can’t trust his wife; it’s even worse when a man’s wife leaves him. Both scenarios are terrible, yet is it worse to lose your wife or to be second guessing her every intention? In the story “The Other Two” we see Waythorn lose trust in his wife due to her lack of truth about her previous marriages. In the story “A Temporary Matter” we see a couple that has lost the spark in their relationship after Shoba gave birth to a still borne, ultimately leading to her ending the relationship with Shukumar. Both of these stories show how any relationship, if not kept healthy, honest, and maintained can lead to a lack of trust or in severe cases, a breakup. Both Shukumar and Waythorn experience a sense of isolation in their marriages, yet Shukumar is the character who has to endure more by the ending of the story, due to a broken heart, the dependence on his wife and the time he invested in their relationship. When Shukumar found out that Shoba was leaving him, he was surprised to say the least. While the relationship was on rocky roads, it still hurt him to know that the woman he loved was abandoning him. Waythorn on the other hand doesn’t go through heartbreak, he and his wife were together by then end of the story and it didn’t seem as if either of the two planned on ending anything. Shukumar had also lost his son with Shoba, something that will dwell upon him forever. Waythorn never had to deal with the death of a child as he had no children, which saved him the grief that Shukumar had to go through. With the death of his child and his wife leaving him, Shukumar was ultimately depressed by the end of the story as his life was crumbling in front of him. Although Waythorn was going through trust issues he never had a reason to get depressed as most of his problems were under the same umbrella of trust. When analyzing the situation
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