Death of a Salesman and Hamlet

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Men can have an adverse effect on women’s lives, these relationships can cause inner turmoil in the lives of those women involved. Ophelia from Hamlet and Linda Lowman from Death of a Salesman are prime examples of how these relationships can turn their lives for worse. Many do no realize what they are giving up to keep the calm, or are so blind that they feel a sense of normality in their lives. Both of these women let their men basically have total control of their entire being, which resulted in both their lives ending in tragedy. These women are both heading for disaster; they let these men treat them as they see fit and do not take Linda and Ophelia’s feelings into consideration. Linda is weak and dependent in the sense that she always wants or needs Willy around. She wants him to quit the travelling portion of his job and work in the city, “but your sixty years old, they can’t expect you to keep travelling every week”, (Act One, pg. 14), although she puts it across as she does not want him going because of his age deep down she really just cannot be on her own. Linda may come across as a strong woman who has her head on her shoulders but she is weak and needs to have someone, even if they treat her as poorly as Willy did. Ophelia on the other hand, needs her brother and father for similar reasons, she doesn’t know how to be alone or make decisions for herself since they have always dictated her life for her. She relies heavily on both of these men, and has absolutely no sense of independence. Her reliance on her father is shown when her father dies and she completely loses her mind, “Oh, this poison of deep grief. It springs all from her father’s death, and now behold! O Gertrude, Gertrude, when sorrows come, they come not single spies But in Battalions. First, her father slain. Next, your son gone…..Poor Ophelia divided from herself and her fair
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