Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents

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Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents Studies reveal that, in life, it is important to strike a balance between succeeding in life and succeeding academically. Dr. Robert Stern, Ph D of the Columbia University notes that it is common today to find some children growing up to be satisfied adults even with the challenges of life such as careers and relationships. He further notes that it is also common to find other children from similar backgrounds and the same academic achievements, struggling with dead-end careers, failing relationships and even battling depression. Educators have warned against giving children only one type of learning experience. For example, children need to receive both purely academic education and social-emotional education. It is not just enough to educate the mind and neglect intelligence, emotions and the nature of biology (Christenson & Havsy, 2003). Striking a balance between the two forms of learning can be achieved through combining social-emotional learning with academics. Social-emotional learning has proven to be effective in bolstering the emotional intelligence in children, as well as improving their academic capabilities, thus giving them an edge above the rest in their professional and personal futures. It is important to combine both academic and social emotional learning so as to bring up knowledgeable children who have social-emotional skills and morals. These qualities are necessary for one to be all rounded in the world today (Cohen, 1999). This essay discusses the common social needs of children while incorporating the aspects of personal capabilities, family and the classroom that either encourage or inhibit positive social development in children. The paper gives evidence from social development theorists so as to support the information it contains. There are many personal skills and capabilities
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