Design Framework for a Coffee Shop Essay

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DESIGN FRAMEWORK Design Problem: Coffee Shop”Starbucks Coffee Branch” Design Considerations-The project seeks to satisfy these items: Amenities: The Coffee Shop is a place for relaxation, unwinding, and for refreshments. Features that provides comfort, convenience, or pleasure are neccesary in this Coffee Shop. Privacy:Coffee Shops are very popular specially to those people like students, office employees, and also a place for hooking up.For example is(Doing a research paper, thinking of a concept, and etc.).Privacy is essential in a coffee shop specially for those people who dont want to be disturbed. Security: Laptops and other gadgets are being used inside a coffee shop.Thieves are also prone in coffee shops.Therefore, Security is necessary for them to assure their belongings and to avoid Robbing. Location: Choosing the right location for your business is important. Considerations include the needs of your business, where your customers and competitors are, and such things as taxes, zoning restrictions, noise and the environment. For most businesses, an appropriate location is critical. Seating Capacity:Seating is a major consideration when it comes in designing a coffee shop.The volume of costumers must be identified to avoid the customers from waiting until someone is finished and have their term in seating.The coffee shop must handle the capacity in how many customers come in a day. Layout & Design:The layout must be practical, functional and useful to set the mood of the customers inside the shop. The design must also have a signature style for the customers to remember the shop by its unique design. Licenses, Permits, and Regulations:This also falls under the location. All businesses must comply with licenses, permits and regulations. When creating a business, the entrepreneur must contact the municipality involved, along with the provincial

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