Rhetorical Analysis of a Space

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Strawberries and Crème Coffee houses are meant to be places that people can relax at and converse with their friends in. Starbucks is an especially good example of just such a place, largely because of the physical environment and features that have succeeded in drawing customers who have made stopping at Starbucks a part of their daily routine. From the outside you can’t miss the easily recognizable Starbucks sign rooted next to the patio that beckons coffee drinkers seeking their fix. Big, open windows welcome guests and expose the inner workings of the building. The overall outward appearance has a modern home look to it due to the material, angles and colors used being similar to those seen in many suburbs across America. Once inside the store there is wood flooring with many tables and chairs comfortably arranged for any visitor to sit and relax. Tables are often pushed together with several chairs surrounding them from a group that has already come and gone. Other chairs are gathered around a coffee table with a newspaper on it as if its contents were being discussed by friends. The environment in this space is very calming. Music is continually playing at a reasonable volume and is never too upbeat or at a crawl. The lighting is similar to what I would expect to find in a dining room. It’s never overwhelmingly bright nor is it dark to the point of being in a store like Abercrombie. Together these elements encourage the coffee house’s goal of bringing people together through a serene and enjoyable atmosphere. Starbucks offers many conversation topics such as different flavors, a story on the front page of a newspaper, or what song is playing over the speakers. The coffee giant has recently added quotes from notable figures to the sides of their cups to spark discussions. The opinions and thoughts of widely known people is a strategy to keep the customer

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