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It was as if my heart was hanging by a thread, ready to drop into my stomach and join what felt like a million butterflies. With every step I took the gymnasium only grew in size, making me more nervous. We were all walking silently, my teammates and I, mentally preparing ourselves for what was about to take place. As we reached the entrance and took our first steps inside of CSU, all that was happening overcame me. The smell of popcorn from the concession stand, the sound of sneakers squeaking on the polished hardwood floors, bursts of excitement from the crowd. “We did it. We actually made it.” Was the only thing running through my mind. A man wearing one of the souvenir tee-shirts they were selling came up to Coach Jones and shook his hand, made a few hand gestures and we began to follow him down a long hallway. I was trying to take in as many details as I could, I wanted to remember this day for what it was and cherish it forever. After a solid 5 minutes of walking we finally made it to our changing room, the sound of bags hitting the floor and zippers filled the quiet room. Coach Jones came in followed by Dave, our assistant coach, and walked up to the front of the room. We all were expecting just a quick briefing, Coach liked to get to the point so he threw us off by telling us to take a seat. “A speech?” I thought to myself. Coach sat down and laid his head in his hands, after about a minute of him sitting there motionless I turned and looked quizzically at my captains. I heard his weight shift in the chair, followed by a long sigh and when I turned around I was shocked to see Coach staring at us… with a tear in his eye. He said, “Whatever happens on that court today, win or lose, keep your heads up ‘cause you’re all champs in my eyes. I love you girls like my own daughters. Now go make me proud!” We took our seats right next to a sea of fans all covered

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