Comparing And Contrasting, "i Became Her Target"

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When comparing and contrasting, "I Became Her Target" by Roger Wilkens and "Shame" by Dick Gregory, both show the lives of young black men in a prejudicial and racist white society. In “I Became Her Target,” the young boy is the only African American in his school and he suffers because of this. “Shame” is about a boy who gets criticized by the people around him, and not just because of his color but also because of his poverty. Both boys suffer unnecessary shame and humiliation because of their race due to the ignorance and hatred of their classmates. The big difference between both essays is that the boys feel different in the class. In “I Became Her Target,” the boy feels important because the teacher is giving him a chance, by answering questions. The teacher also gave him the opportunity to finish another classmate’s answer, to make him look smart. This boy had a positive experience; at the end, kids came up to him to laugh about “Old Deadeye Bean.” The teacher threw an eraser at him, which caused his pencil to fly across the room. This made him feel accepted and he made new friends. In “Shame,” the boy goes through a bad experience. He was placed in the “idiot” desk located at the back of the classroom. He would make noises and poke people to try and draw attention to him. As the teacher was going around the room asking how much their fathers were donating for the Community Chest the teacher skipped over him. He wasn’t happy about this and decided to say something and the teacher proceeded to tell him “We are collecting money for you and your kind if your daddy can give fifteen dollars you have no business being on relief”. After saying that, she also told the class that everyone knows that he doesn’t have a father. It made him feel shameful; he was embarrassed to be the person he was. He felt sorry for being himself. The similarities in these essays are

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