Why We Are Against 5 Minute Passing Periods

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MISD has given their high school students only five short minutes to get to their next class. Therefore simple tasks like using the rest room and grabbing a couple of books from their locker can become a frantic struggle. Due to the new bell schedule students are not allowed to leave the class room the first and last twenty minutes of class, therefore only giving them a five minute period to use the restroom, if the teacher allows. Therefore during this five minute passing period students must go to the rest room, stop by their locker if needed and travel to their next class. Not to mention the flooded hallways due to everyone being released at the same time. It’s almost suffocating walking through the hallway because thousands of students are trying to go to their next class. Trying to maneuver to your next class can be a battle within its self because of the traffic one must go through just to get to class .Typically high school campuses are fairly large in which if a student has a class across the school then they not only have to go across the school but must hurriedly use the restroom. This can cause some students to stress about arriving to their next class on time instead of focusing on their studies. Students shouldn’t have to be penalized for not having an adequate amount of time to do what is necessary before going to their next class. There are many other factors that the district didn’t take into consideration when making the choice to only give students five minutes to get to their next class. Everyday necessities can become stressful, such as using the rest room. The student must go as fast as they possibly can in order to make it before the bell which is ridiculous. Students not only need fit using the rest room in, but must also go by their locker to grab their textbooks which can become time consuming, especially when dealing with locker

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