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Dependent On Technology Essay

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Becoming Too Dependent on Modern Technology

    Many are becoming too dependent on modern technology; however this makes them to lack writing skills, critical thinking skills and communication skills. Many of them would argue and say that it is not true, but as we are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on technology we are not applying our own ideas to what we are performing. Many may disagree to the fact that computers are not bad for us and that it help us in many aspects of our lives which is truth; but they don’t see the consequences to it. Technology without doubt is a “useful tool” that we as humans use every day since it has been invented. Technology in most cases makes our lives easier and it helps us as humans to record and organize the information that we need in a logical manner. Technology has found its way just about in every aspect of our lives, providing an ever welcome stress of relief in having all the tasks performed. The question that should now be asked by us is that relying too much on technology is a good thing or should we be more “suspicious of the benefits”?
      Despite the many benefits of computers, there are also a number of arguments against them, one of which is having negative effects on children’s education. It can be emphasized that modern technology is “Lacking Writing Skills” not only many students but to many individuals. As seen on the past few years teachers have been shuffling their students off to a computer and putting it to be compulsory as to type out short quick assignments that can be quickly be done on hand. While this is not much of an issue for older students being in high school or university level, it is definitely an issue for younger students of primary school level, that are just learning to read and write their work in a structural manner. Regardless, of how much we are relying on technology and computers, printing and handwriting are a necessary skill to have as individuals. But typing out the...

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