Hcs/320 Communication And Information Technology Research Paper

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Communication and Information Technology HCS/320 February 20, 2012 In today’s society communication technologies can be critical. New technology can be an up rise or down fall. Today we seem to have a hard time reaching people rapidly. Today most health care providers depend on prompt technologies. This is where pagers came in to the technology communication system, which is main device to properly contact or reach someone on the first try. A pager is a device that sends a small message between the physicians for emergencies. This device is used in the lab, emergencies room or even pharmacies. Pagers are quick, easy, and efficient when getting a message across. Staff can get where they need to be whether it is the patient’s…show more content…
This woman needed immediate attention which she did not receive on her first try paging them. As forty-five minutes past to find herself having fallen on the floor after attempting her own assistance. The woman had fractured her hip in the fall and required hip surgery. To sum it all up the woman had longer stayed her visit to the hospital and had to go to a nursing home in the end the family sued the hospital. This leads to the lack of communication and if the nurse was paged the first time this probable would not have happened. I believe that the pager is a great device that has helped many people’s lives. The device is easy to use and has a long battery life. Battery life is not the thing that should be worried about but the short messages are. The short messages that the pager give sometimes does not give enough detail, but it usually will get the message across if it is an emergence or not. I think the pager have many great details to it and only a few…show more content…
There are many up rise and down falls that pagers have such as the battery life lasting awhile or the message not getting the consumer because of a glitch in the device. Pagers are important to have and great technology to have in the medical field. The great thing is there are few different kinds of pagers the patient can have as well as the physicians. Pagers have had a financial impact on the organization by saving lives and money. The hospital would be in the worst situation if pagers where not involved. It would be chaos. People would not know what is going on or even if there was an emergency at hand. Lives would be lost. Pagers are an important communication technology to have in this organization. Where would we be if we did not have them? Lost in a world of

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