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Jeffin Joseph English 1001 Lownik October 5, 2012 Global Healthcare Paper With today's fast paced society, people often forget to count their blessings. If you tell someone to be thankful for their blessings, they will often argue that they worked hard and deserve every bit of it. When most people think of the word "blessings" they will envision their family, well paying job, or the fancy car they drive. However, these are not the blessings that you should be grateful for. Those in fact are the rewards to your hard work. However, the basic aspects of life that helped you achieve that lifestyle is what you should be thankful for. These include electricity, shelter, food, education, clean water, etc. These are the blessings that…show more content…
Water can contain unknown diseases that can make a child or adult seriously ill. Typically, an unclean water source also leads to a non-sufficient diet and poor hygiene. "The W.H.O estimates that 3,900 children die each day because of dirty water or poor hygiene"(LaFraniere). This is an astounding number that can be avoided if a clean water source was provided. This is not any easy task but it can be accomplished and can save the lives of these children. The health concerns and the medical costs associated with the unclean water is shocking. Hospital care is extremely expensive and an unnecessary cost that can be avoided for a struggling country. By decreasing the amount of water born diseases, the country can save a lot of money on their hospital…show more content…
This is a gradual process that takes time. However, the longer it takes to accomplish this task, the more lives that are being lost. This is why people think the government needs to speed up their efforts. "Although about 130 million more of the region's residents have gained access to clean water since 1990, the report states, governments are not moving quickly enough to meet the United Nations' goal of providing three-fourths of the population with safe drinking water by 2015"(LaFraniere). The government should speed up their efforts to provide drinking water to these underdeveloped countries to reduce the number of deaths related. This should also not just be one country working on these projects. Multiple countries need to work together to get this large task accomplished. According to World Bank, "The World Bank report discusses how water management solutions need to be considered as a part of the wider economic policies of the countries of the region"(World Bank). This needs to be considered a bigger issue in our society. It is one of the most prominent causes for death today. By countries working together towards one large goal, there is also chance for them to see how efficient the world can be without war between countries. This can be a chance for countries to see how much better the world can be without conflict between one

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