Frida Kahlo Life

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[pic] Frida Kahlo Life Frida Kahlo is view as Surrealist and she painted her reality. Kahlo was a Mexican artist from the mid-20th century. She was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico, and the daughter of German and Mexican descendants. Frida was born in a time of change. Three years after her birth the Mexican revolution began and shortly after, WW1 would change the face of Europe. All these events influenced her art but in addition to these external influences was also the intense and personal introspection that was a characteristic of her work. During her lifetime Kahlo embarked on many hardships caused by illness, heartache, and love. She became known for her haunting self portraits, radical politics, and that infamous unibrow. The turmoil began early for this young woman. At age six, she was stricken with polio, which left her walking with a limp. From the beginning Kahlo did not intend to become an artist. She was attending school at The Preparatoria to become a doctor. In 1925 Frida met with the accident that was to profoundly change her life. The bus that she was travelling on with her boyfriend collided with a streetcar and an iron rail pierced her body. Her spinal column was broken as well as her collarbone, ribs and pelvis. Her right leg had eleven fractures, her left shoulder was forever out of joint and one of her feet was crushed. As in one of her paintings the scene on the bus was bizarre. Frida’s clothes had come off in the collision and covering her bloodied body was a sprinkle of gold dust. When her body arrived at the hospital she was not expected to live. A year after the accident it was discovered that her spine had not healed properly and for the rest of her life she was forced to wear rigid corsets. She underwent many operations during her life including her spine and right foot, which she would do anything to save. The pain
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