Dependency on Computers

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Back then, we used to have the typewriters, carbon copies, photocopier, secretarial pools and many more. However things change when revolution of computer and technology takes place. Human start to highly depend on computer and works just get easier over the years. Computers have become a part of our life and perhaps the best partner ever in a lot of aspect. Now the question is “As we depend on computers, what are the advantages that we can gain from it? What are the benefits of depending on computers?” The greatest advantage of computers is probably making human life more convenient. With the omnipresence of well-programmed computers, many arduous tasks, especially in industry sectors, can be managed effectively. Furthermore, computers enable easy access of information. We can get an enormous amount of information just by a simple click. Computers also contribute to the advancement of many professional fields. For instance, medical operations and space missions are controlled by computers. In brief, computers can be convenient in completing tedious tasks, accessing information as well as in professional fields. Next, computers also yield advantage in the aspect of economy. Boundless of money-making chances are brought by computers for the global economy. They can help countries to gain opportunities for profitable international businesses. E-commerce is an excellent example for such cases. In addition, computers allow people worldwide to carry out businesses without the barriers of distance and time. So, many people do online-shopping by using computers without having the necessity to leave home. Moreover, computers can increase the speed of business operations. Inspecting products and collecting customers’ information can be done efficiently. To summarize, computers provide money-making opportunities, allow online-shopping and improve the efficiency of business
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