Btec Business Level 3 Business Unit 3 M3

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In order to achieve M1, I must explain how the management of human, physical and technological resources can improve the performance of a selected organisation. The organisation that I have chosen is Apple Inc. Human Human Resources are responsible for employees of a business. The management of human resources can improve their department’s performance by offering promotions or better health and safety rules, so that their staffs is happier and more willing to work. They could also increase their performance by giving their staff a pay rise, which would help make a better working environment and in turn they would work hard. Also if human resources employ the right people, who have the right amount of experience and qualifications then they could help Apple because the people they employ would be able to contribute straight away, which would save Apple time and money in training them. Human…show more content…
Technological resources would include things like Computers, photocopiers, Fax machine, Phones, interactive boards, projectors and security barriers. All of these different pieces of technology would help business improve performance because the photocopier allows the staff to copy multiple documents in short amount of time instead of having to write each pager. Computers allow staff to make documents like presentations, letters, spread sheet and database much more easily than writing each, which helps to saves the business time and more importantly money. Interactive boards would help improve a business’s performance because it would help during meeting by enabling staff to display what they want to their colleagues in a controlled and easy environment, instead of having to print out documents for everyone in attendance to have to read what he was

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