Goal Setting in an Organization - Fedex

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Goal Setting in an Organization - FedEx Name: Institution: Date: Goal Setting in an Organization - FedEx Introduction FedEx express is a renowned company whose headquarters are in the US (Berkeley, 1962). Since its inception, the company managed to move greater heights, thus becoming a giant in the provision of freight, and other carrier services. However, these great achievements did not originate from a vacuum, but through the firm’s concerted efforts. As such, this research paper provides an insight into one of the company’s organizational behaviour process. Main Body Like other multinationals, FedEx Express Corporation does not operate in a vacuum, despite its major success story. The firm does not operate in a vacuum because various external factors affect its operations. Some of the external factors include political factors, labor pressures and technology shift. Technologically, since the inception of freight and carrier services by different companies, things have not been stagnant. For example, with the inception of modern technology FedEx Express embraced many changes in its operations. Some of the new aspects adopted by the corporation include online booking of freight, and other cargo delivery services (Berkeley, 1962). Through this platform, the customers are able to book for transportation of their goods, and other services online, anywhere across the globe. Further, through this platform, the clients are able to verify the status of their various transactions within a short time, without the need for presenting themselves physically. Adoption of the online platform, greatly helped enhance the firm’s operations, and revenue collection, since most customers found it convenient (Hoskisson & Hitt, 2007). However, in spite of this success, the firm faces many threats. These threats relate to the recent technological shift,
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