Dead Poets Society

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Annie Caldwell Psy-150 Dead Poet’s Society Essay I have a much different view watching the movie Dead Poet’s Society in your class this semester as from when I watched it years ago, as a twenty year old young woman just starting out in this world. Today, the meaning of the movie was much more profound to me. I look at the young people in class with me today and wonder if they see it the same way? To the others, the movie is probably just an assignment, nothing like the movies they would prefer to watch if given the choice. I wonder if they grasp the meaning of the movie; do they see the hidden meaning and understand the symbolism in the imagery? I originally saw the movie in 1989 to see what all the hype was about. Also, I loved Robin Williams as an actor/comedian. How different this role was for Mr. Williams as compared to watching him on the television show, Mork ‘n Mindy, as a child. Seeing the movie with a fresh perspective has served almost as reinforcement to me; I am “Seizing the Day”, pursuing the dreams I had as a young lady. I can personally identify with the characters of Neil and Todd’s characters in the movie because of the parallels within my own life as a rebellious teenager. Allow me to explain the correlations with my own life, maybe a different perspective that what you normally receive from your students. As a “troubled” teen, I was more concerned with living my life in the moment and partying to realize that the vision my father had for my life was for my own good. My father, like most parents, wanted so much for me in my life. However, as a rebellious teenager, I was too consumed with my own self-centered desires and living my life in the moment to realize this. Too immature and inexperienced to realize how my behavior then would impact my life down the road. My father, like Neil Perry’s father, was very strict. Not

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